We open the world for your products

Come with us on a journey around the world: TÜV Rheinland Market Access Services are like the required visa to a chosen destination and enable customers to develop new markets for their products. Our experts for international approvals are fully versed in numerous approval requirements worldwide and assist in quick access to export markets.

Please check-in for international approvals - Product Categories

TÜV Rheinland Product Testing

Please proceed to your gate - Direct Access to the global markets

广东好彩1玩法 www.8rf3k.cn Our aspiration: More quality and safety for mankind, nature and technology in all areas of life and in all existing and developing economies around the world. We deliver service in over 500 locations in 69 countries with more than 19.000 employees.

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Fastlane Boarding - Benefits of TÜV Rheinland MAS

  • Faster Product launch
  • Easy opening up of new markets
  • Worldwide service network to enter any market
  • Clear, reliable and informative support for each project
  • Simplified and convenient application process
  • One-stop service: one test, one-time document

  • Our reports and certificates are known worldwide
  • Interdisciplinary work with product and certification experts
  • Full service from planning to market launch
  • Preparation, worldwide recognition
  • No language barriers
  • Regulatory research
  • Subscription on standardized compliance schemes

Safety Instructions - Successful Market Launch with MAS

In order to launch a product on a foreign market additional safety certificates, conformity certificates and/or test marks may be required. Where to find all the information? And where to obtain the approvals for the market entry from? That is where TÜV Rheinland Market Access Services support. We provide knowledge on the regulatory requirements and relevant certification services. Benefit from a faster time to market, more sales and greater profit with our services from a single source. And this is how it works.

MAS process for successful market launch

TÜV Rheinland MAS

Safe landing with TÜV Rheinland MAS

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your destination. All your products have been tested, certified and brought safely to the new market. On behalf of TÜV Rheinland and the entire crew, we’d like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. For more information keep up to date with all new Regulations and Standard Updates.

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